Branch 13

Latest Board Meeting Minutes



President Richard “Deacon” Van Derostyne called the EDGE&TA Branch 13 Board Meeting to order at 5:40 pm. Board members present were Richard “Deacon” Van Derostyne Nancy Pearson, Robert Facino, Kimber Facino, Julie Alvey, Merv Humes and Erwin Graves.


Guests:  Albert Facino, R J Facino, Linda Van Derostyne, Nancy Humes, Norm Taunton and Jane Taunton.


ADDED AGENDA ITEMS: Under New Business (1) Chugger and (2) Swap Meet


MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes for the June 15, 2017 Board Meeting were presented by Nancy for review. Motion by Julie and seconded by Merv that the minutes be approved as presented. Motion passed.




TREASURER’S REPORT:  A copy of the Treasurer’s Report as of August 17, 2017 was presented to the Board Members showing a balance of $4,949.31. Motion by Merv and seconded by Erwin that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as presented. Nancy announced that Robert and Kimber had paid for all of the show buttons for both Amador and McFarland and therefore the members who participated in the events received their show button free.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Nancy reported that we currently have 188 members for 2017/2018.  There were 15 new people sign up at Amador.




Work Party Club Equipment:  Dave Kessler and Deacon’s welder  are in Missouri right now so matter is tabled for now.


Amador Fair Review:  Robert reported that there were 6 volunteers to help on Tuesday to spray paint the lines and the names of people in booths. Wednesday was set-up and they had 2 forklifts available to use. On Thursday 15 tractors were in the parade down main street. A total of 40 members displayed equipment.  Robert said there was a discussion with the fair office about how many people could enter thru the Engine gate free.  Per the fair office the EDGE&TA member is the only one to get in free.  Family members will either have to become an EDGE&TA member or buy a 4 day fair pass. Those Board Members present who had attended the fair said that is was a great show and that Robert, Kimber and Phil did a super job.


Nancy addressed the Board about the lack for Board attendance and support at the Amador Fair.  It was stated that the Amador Fair is Branch 13’s biggest show of the year and that our members work hard to bring and run their displays in order to make a good showing on behalf of Branch 13 for the public.  Nancy stated that she felt that the Board Members should show their appreciation to the members for being there showing their equipment by at least showing up a couple of hours during the 4 days of the fair and help out a little or at least go around and thank the members for being there. It was acknowledge that the weather is always hot at Amador but if the members could be there for 4 days the Board Members could at least come by a few hours a couple of days of the fair.  Nancy stated that this is not a matter that has just started but has been going on for many years and is especially noticeable when the club president is one of the Board Members not attending.  At this year’s Amador Fair only 3 Board Members were present for all 4 days and a 4th Board Member and wife did come and attend on Sunday.  


Hosting Southwest Regional Show:  Deacon stated that we had to decide tonight if we were willing to host the 2018 Southwest Regional Show because he needs to give National an answer. He said he spoke to one of the people who had put on the show this year to try and get some idea of what it would take. The only problem being is that the show this year was in New Mexico in an area that did not have a high population so it was not a very large show.  Deacon had spoken to Dave Kessler about the subject matter also. Deacon also checked on possible having a catered BBQ dinner on Saturday night. A motion was made by Kimber and seconded by Julie that we hold the Southwest Regional Show on October 5, 6, and 7, 2018 at the McFarland Ranch in place of our regular show there. Motion passed.


Club Trailer Repairs:  Deacon said he had tried to get bids to have work done on the trailer. A bid to have the dents fixed, trailer painted and put club signs on was $2,000.00. There was talk about needing a new axle. A single trailer axle would cost about $3,000.00 and a double axle $4,500.00 depending what size axle we would need.  Robert suggested a vinyl wrap, but no one knew how much that would cost. Deacon said that when he was checking on bids it was suggested that we might be better off buying a newer trailer than we have and sell the one we have.  For right now the matter is tabled until more information can be gathered.


McFarland: Julie stated some of the events that will be going on during the weekend at the Mc Farland Ranch. It was stated that Jane Taunton will be handling the advertising for the event. Jane is working with the Galt Herald to put a booklet in their paper advertising the event. Jane had a group of pictures of some of our members with their equipment. She wanted to have each of the people in the pictures to write-up and article about their piece of equipment and send the write-up and picture to the Galt Herald and then the week before the McFarland show a special booklet will be included in their paper showing the antique equipment and write-ups. Flyers will also be passed out at the Galt Heritage Festival. Some of the activities that will be happening we be:  (1) Tea Party for Ladies – Hosted by the Historical Society – cost is $20.00 – must contact Historical Society direct to make reservations (2) John Tower to  bring a black smith shop; (3) Lance Nehall will be handling the Kid’s Zone on Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm; (4) Bounce House – group has their own insurance; (5) Bracelet making; (6) Ice Cream Vender; (7) Decorate Cookies; (8) School Kids on Friday from local grammar school; (9) Rock Wall- Boy Scouts – have their own insurance; (10) Some antique cars and (11) Steam Engine. Set-up day is October 3, 2017.  Julie has already picked out the main raffle gift from Tractor Supply.  Julie requested a budget of $2,000.00 for the McFarland Show. Motion by Robert and second by Kimber that Julie be given a budget of $2,000.00 for the McFarland Event. Motion passed.








Store Supplies and Prices:  Kimber reported that because of the volume of shirt sales at Amador that the store is low or out of some of the size needed in the store if we want to have any shirts to sell at McFarland. She had made a list of what is needed and/or wanted for the store. A motion was made by Kimber and seconded by Julie that an order be placed to order only what shirts we need. Motion passed. Kimber is to get together with Deacon to see what is needed so he can place the order.


Nancy brought up the matter that the prices we are paying for the new supply of shirts and what we have on our price list are not the same. In some cases our price list is higher and in some cases our price list is lower. A motion was made by Julie and seconded by Kimber that we do not change our posted price list. Motion passed.


Galt Historical Society:  Nancy reported that she had received a bill from Galt Historical Society for dues in the sum of $50.00. Motion by Julie and seconded by Robert that we pay the $50.00. Motion passed.


Location 2018 Annual Meeting:  Nancy reported that we need to start thinking about where we will hold our 2018 annual meeting.  She said that she had asked Ken Green to check with the Elks Lodge in Roseville to see if their facility would be available either February 17th or 24th. She said that Ken did check with the Elks Lodge and found out that their facility is available on the 17th with sit down dinners range from $16 to $21 and have an 18% gratuity. A buffet is also available with no gratuity. A motion was made by Robert and seconded by Julie that we have our 2018 Annual Meeting on February 17, 2018 at the Elks Lodge in Roseville and have a buffet. Motion a


Chugger:  It was stated that the dead line for any articles for the next issue of the Chugger is August 31, 2017.  The next issue will center around the Amador Fair and upcoming McFarland Show.



Swap Meet:  Nancy said she spoke to Rich Cleland at the Amador Fair about the Branch 13 Swap Meet to be held in Woodland at the end of October. Rich stated that everything is going just fine for the event. The gates will open on Friday afternoon.




NEXT MEETING DATE:  The next Board Meeting will be held on September 21, 2017 at 5:30 pm.


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Kimber and seconded by Robert that the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.




Nancy J. Pearson